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Efectos Antineoplásicos con
Ankaferd BloodStopper

"Safety and Efficacy of Ankaferd Hemostat (ABS)
in the Chemotherapy-Induced Oral Mucositis"

Effectiveness of Ankaferd BloodStopper in Prophylaxis and Treatment of Oral Mucositis in Childhood Cancers Evaluated with Plasma Citrulline Levels

Proteomic and transcriptomic analyses to explain the pleiotropic effects of Ankaferd blood stopper

"Acute in Vitro effects of ABS (Ankaferd Hemostat)
on the Lymphoid Neoplastic Cells (B-CLL and RAJI
Tumor Cell Lines) "

Evaluation of Anti-Neoplastic Effects of a New Hemostatic Agent Ankaferd Blood Stopper on Myeloma Cell Line and Plasmocytoma Development in Balb/c Mice: Results of the First in Vitro and in Vivo Study

Evaluation of the chemopreventive effects of Ankaferd Bloodstopper in 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene-induced oral epithelial dysplasia

Exposure of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells to Ankaferd Blood Stopper (R) Alters Cell Death Signaling Networks Confirmed by Oncoproteomic and Genomic Profiling Studies

"Ankaferd Hemostat Affects Etoposide Resistance
of the Malignant Melanoma Cells"

Growth inhibitory activity of Ankaferd hemostat on primary melanoma cells and cell lines

Analysis of the Antiproliferative Effect of Ankaferd Hemostat on Caco-2 Colon Cancer Cells via LC/MS Shotgun Proteomics Approach

Antitumor Activity of Ankaferd Blood Stopper® on MCF-7 Breast Cancer: A Proteomic Approach to Ascertain the Mechanism of the Action

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