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Estudios Clínicos Publicados

Topical blood stopper agents during adenoid surgery in young children; a prospective randomized controlled trial.

The Effectiveness of a New Hemostatic Agent (ABS)
for the Control of Bleeding
following Tooth Extraction in Hemophilia: A Controlled
Clinical Trial.

Ankaferd blood stopper as a new strategy to avoid early
complications after transradial procedures: A randomized
clinical trial.

A new practical alternative for tumoural gastrointestinal bleed-
ing: Ankaferd blood stopper.

Analysing the blood-stemming effect of Ankaferd Blood Stopper in medulla spinalis surgery.

The Efficacy of Ankaferd Blood Stopper for the Management
of Bleeding Following
Total Thyroidectomy.

Topical Ankaferd Bloodstopper 
in the Management of Critical Bleedings due to
Hemorrhagic Diathesis.

Success Rates of Ankaferd Blood Stopper and Ferric
Sulfate as Pulpotomy Agents
in Primary Molars.

Ankaferd Blood Stopper Decreases Postoperative Bleeding and Number of 
Transfusions in Patients Treated with Clopidogrel: A Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Randomized Clinical Trial

A New Hemostatic Agent (ABS)
in Tubeless Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: A Prospective Randomized Study.

The Effect of Hemostatic Agents and Tissue Adhesive on Injured Peripheral Nerve Healing
in Rats – Part I. 
Electrophysiological Study*

Proteomic and transcriptomic analyses to explain the pleiotropic effects of Ankaferd 
blood stopper.

Review Article:
Antineoplastic Effects
of Ankaferd Hemostat.

Evaluation of the Hemostatic Effects of Ankaferd Blood Stopper During Dental
Extractions in Patients on Antithrombotic Therapy.

The Hemostatic Effects of Ankaferd Blood Stopper 
on Mammalian Brain Parenchyma:
An Experimental Study

Endoscopic topical application of Ankaferd Blood Stopper for neoplasticgastrointestinal bleeding: A retrospective analysis.

Ankaferd Blood Stopper for controlling gastrointestinal bleeding due to distinct  
benign lesions refractory to conventional antihemorrhagic measures.

Prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial of Ankaferd Blood Stopper
in patients with acute
anterior epistaxis.

Tratamiento efectivo
de la hemoptisis mediante aplicación endobronquial del hemostásico Ankaferd.

Pharmacobiological management of hemostasis within clinical backgrounds  
via Ankaferd hemostat (ABS).

Growth inhibitory activity of Ankaferd hemostat on primary melanoma cells and cell lines.

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